Four Seasons of Ellicott City



Sping 春
(Front door view, captured on April 27th 屋前,4月27日)

Ellicott City in Spring
(10464x3364, 2.7MB)


Summer 1 夏
(Deck view 190, captured on July 11th 屋后凉台190度广角,7月11日)

Ellicott City in Summer
(15025x2379, 2.4MB)


Summer 2 夏
(Backyard Public Space 360, captured on the end of August 屋后公共绿地360度广角,8月 底)

Public Space 360
(9684x1181, 1.1MB)


Autumn 1 秋
(Nearby creek in 180, captured on October 27th 屋后附近小溪180度广角,10月27日)

Ellicott City in the Fall
(24229x4351, 13MB)


Autumn 2
(Nearby creek in 360, captured on October 27th 屋后附近小溪360度圆周,10月27日)

Ellicott City in the Fall
(34766x4064, 17.2MB)


Autumn 3
(Neighborhood view, captured on November 3rd, 2013, 7:45AM 屋后凉台,2013年11月3日7:45)

Ellicott City in the Fall Neighborhood Wide View
(8893x2832, 2MB)



Autumn 4
(Neighborhood view, captured on November 18th 屋后凉台,11月18日)

Ellicott City in the Fall Neighborhood View
(8840x3829, 5MB)


(Window view, captured on March 25th 楼上窗外,3月25日)

One might argue that Mar. 25th is already into the spring by the calendar, but I have this picture to prove it otherwise :)

Ellicott City in the Winter
(6423x3420, 1.8MB)


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2013 Jinmin Zhou