Snorkel Park

Snorkel Park
Vantage point: 32.329444, -64.833989

Snorkel Park is located at the western end of Bermuda in Sandy's parish, its water bordering the National Museum of Bermuda (the former "Keep" fortress of the Royal Naval Dockyard) where the vantage point of this photo is located. The fortress (viewable from the right of the frame), with its big cannons and gray structure, contrasts in a very interesting way with the colorful sunbathing vacationers' playbround across the blue waters to the left end of the frame.

Hamilton Inner Harbour

Hamilton Harbour
Vantage point: 32.291776, -64.786143

This was a pretty sweet treat, considering that we were just awaiting the ferry boat to take us back for the day The tranquility of the Hamilton Inner Harbour, a quick display of the rainbow, the colorful cloud formation at sunset, and also throw in a full moon . . .

Bermuda Cathedral

Hamilton Harbour
Vantage point: 32.294167, -64.783611

The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity (a.k.a. "Bermuda Cathedral") was originally completed in 1869 but was destroyed by fire in 1884. Subsequently redesigned in the Gothic Revival style, it was built between 1886-1905. Over a century has since passed, but standing at the foot of this majestic structure, one can hardly see any signs of this building going through all this time in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Atop Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Hamilton Harbour
Vantage point: 32.252778, -64.834722

The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse (built in 1844) is the highest point of Bermuda, and it provides the best view of the entire Territory an archipelago of 7 main islands and about 170 additional (named) islets and rocks.  The full-sized photo (click to see) has the coverage of greater than 270 wide view (ends of frame: left @ 3214'51.9"N 6450'09.7"W, right @ 3215'02.1"N 6449'39.2"W).  In clear view near the horizon are two cruise ships, one of which is our Royal Caribbean "Grandeur of the Seas."

Hamilton City Hall

Hamilton Harbour
Vantage point: 32.294167, -64.785278

Hamilton as a capital is among the world's smallest, with a population of 1,010, according to Bermuda's 2010 census.  No wonder the City Hall also functions as Bermuda National Gallery; Bermuda Society of Arts; Earl Cameron Theatre; Corporation Office; etc., etc.

"Grandeur of the Seas"

Hamilton Harbour
Vantage point: 32.328056, -64.831944

Royal Caribbean's cruise ship docked at Bermuda's Royal Navy Dockyard. This is the fartherest place from a mainland where I ever slept overnight 650 miles to the North Carolina coast, 1,000 miles to Miami, and 3,500 miles to London.

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