United States Capitol


Architects: William Thornton, Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Charles Bulfinch, Thomas U. Walter
Style: Neoclassical
Built: 1793-18631

1. Dates vary depending on source.  Here 1793-1863 is based on the date when George Washington laid the cornerstone for the Capitol construction on Sept. 18, 1793, and when the final section of the Statue of Freedom was completed on top of the Capitol dome on Dec. 2, 1863.

U.S. Capitol at 180˚

Selected highlights: Capitol Dome, Peace Monument, Ulysses S. Grant Memorial and its sculptural groups (3), U.S. Botanic Gardens

US Capitol at 180 Original size: 21488 x 2568 (55 megapixels / 71"x8.5" 300dpi print) 38.889718, -77.014333


U.S. Capitol East, Wide (below) and Close-up (right)

Selected highlights:
Statue of Freedom, Capitol Dome art deco (2), East Central Pediment -- Close-up (right)
Statue on Tholos, E. Central Pediment and Columns, E. South Pediment -- Wide (below)

U.S. Capitol - East






Original size: 25155x9614 (240 megapixels / 84"x32" 300dpi print) 38.890610, -77.005162

U.S. Capitol - Closeup, East 9919x15316 (152 megapixels)



U.S. Capitol at Dusk

Selected highlights: Statue of Freedom Viewed from West, Golden Dome, Grant Memorial in Shade

U.S. Capitol at - West
Original size: 22619x9259 (209 megapixels / 75"x31" 300dpi print)



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